About the Art

My art has been based on portraiture. The portraits I focus on are of family, pets, and myself, being the most readily available subjects. Aside from their willingness to play a part it my artistic ventures, these individuals make it easy to infuse emotion into my artwork. This natural connection has sovled the issues of purpose and meaning; it leaves me open to work on my technique.

In my studies, I have had the good fortune to experiment with many different types of media; from oil painting to photography, silk screening to woodworking. My focus has always been on painting, from childhood to the present.

I studied with an artist who was very influential towards my artwork. Before him, I strictly painted with oils on canvas and by the time I neared the end of my undergraduate program, it was getting boring and I felt lost. He suggested, among other things, painting on wood. I tried it and loved it. This was one of those life changing experiences. I continue to work on wood using oils, acrylic, sume ink, and markers. No matter the effect this professor had on my method, I can't escape the world on portraiture. It something I am drawn to and I do not see that changing anytime soon.